...About that Elephant Gun

I have a large, lovely, literary voice the size of Ethyl Merman, deep and rich and full of range. It is huge, it is opinionated, and it is thoroughly enjoyable when let loose without the safety on. It is my Elephant Gun.

...So, what do you hunt?

I confess to loving a good steak, seared red and just a smidge under medium rare, the kind of steak that comes from serious game, classically trained and well executed, that persists in the face of time and defies extinction. This is what I consume, and this is what I produce. Paired with a good pinot and a roaring fire, it makes for a pretty darn relaxing evening.

Your host, J L Kruse

Your host, J L Kruse

...I've seen that awesome saloon pic on your Twitter and Tumblr. Where does it come from?


I took that picture while on vacation in my home state of Nebraska, at the High Plains Homestead. Located in the Badlands, it's a small compound of buildings and bunkhouses, surrounded by sandhills, and it is entirely peaceful. For more about this unique place to unwind, visit their website: http://www.highplainshomestead.com/